Saturday, September 26, 2009


A few years ago I began hearing stories about how ancient Mayan calendars prophesied "The End Of Time" occurring on December 21, 2012. For months afterward, I lived in a sort of deep seeded fear day in and day out. The fear of just exactly "what" might occur on that day. Will we all be burned to smithereens by some meteorite? Or will we all drown in some phenomenally huge tidal wave? Will there be any advance warning or will it happen like a thief in the night as the Bible says? Will my kids be scared? Will I be with my kids when it happens or will they be at school? And just when I had somewhat recovered from my panicked state, I saw yet another show recently called THE NOSTRADAMUS EFFECT which once again has gotten me thinking about all of this apocalyptic mumbo jumbo..... all over again!!! But I am choosing to look at things from a different perspective this time around. For starters..... whatever may or may not occur on December 21 three years from now, there are a few things that I know for sure. I will be 45 years old then and have had---for the most part---a pretty darned good life. I have seen a good bit of this world that we live in. I am well acquainted with its beauty and diversity. I have known the true meaning of real love. I am lucky enough to be married---just once---to a wonderful man and am blessed with 3 beautiful children. My children are the light of my life! One can never imagine the absolute and all consuming love which comes from the blessing of children until you have had them. For me....this is the reason I was here in this world. And if this world must come to an end in 2012 then I will count myself lucky to have raised these 3 glorious souls for as long as God has allowed.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, The First and the Last,
the Beginning and the End.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Well it has seemed that for some reason lately I have lost A_L_L of my reader interest. I am not sure if my writing is to blame or if there is some other culprit keeping readers at bay, but needless to say I have decided to restructure my site just a bit. I wonder if in my search for simplicity, my site may have become a bit too basic. In other words....B-O-R-I-N-G !! So as you may notice, I have now added a video sidebar with YOUTUBE clips. I intend to try to only use links which relate to family values in some way. But may occasionally include some clips for nothing more than humor sake. I have also had the recent inspiration to add a section which I will call my "Notable Nods". This will be in a sidebar which will list and describe a few of my favorite They will all be items which can hopefully enlighten or enrich my readers in some way( should my readers choose to return).
I have also been inspired lately to take up a few "hobbies" in my life. I realized one day recently that there are several things which I have desired to do over the years, but for some reason have not gottten the gumption to try. Mind you, these are definitely attainable desires. So I said to myself, "Self....What's stoppin' you?" JUST DO IT!! So......For example....I have always loved the ARTS. I have NEVER had one minute of formal art training but somehow I have this "natural" ability to look at a picture which has been drawn or in some cases -painted by an artist and I can create a pretty good "copy" of it. (NOT FOR ANY ILLEGITIMATE use) But it is something I sometimes just feel an artistic yearning to do. So for all of my lucky followers I have decided to post photos(in a sidebar) of my creations as they come and will welcome comments on them. I plan to have these uploaded within the next week or so....So tune back in and take a peek.

"Follow Me," He told them, "and I will make
you fish for people!"

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Shoe Fetish

I recently saw a television interview with a man who is a former Catholic priest, but is now happily married to a woman. I was amused by his admission that in the first days of his marriage, the one thing which surprised him the most about his "changed life" was the difference in closet space. He hadn't anticipated that (as he put it) there were his things on one side of the closet and ALL OF HER SHOES on the other. This gave me pause to wonder WHY sooo many of us women out there have shoe fetishes. Especially when you consider the sometimes exorbitant amount we spend on these prized possessions. But I have also come to the recent realization that I have taken things one....step......further! To a whole new level of FETISH. You see, having filled all of the possible shoe storage crevices in my closet, which is of course "shared" with my husband
(80% mine/20% his ). I have now apparently unconsciously passed my affliction on to my children. How? You ask. youngest child is still in diapers, and can barely walk yet, but is now the proud owner of about 20 pairs of shoes! The most embarrassing thing about this revelation is that they don't even all "fit" and probably never will fit. But, none the less, they are all jammed into a drawer...which now barely closes, just in case they might be worn....someday.
And ....I KNOW.....I KNOW....I "should" go donate A L L of my unneeded pairs of shoes- plus-
A L L of the babies ones to some needy soul somewhere. But I just CAN"T do it!! I can't bare to be separated from them. So there- it- "addiction". Of course, we married housewives use the "polite" term...fetish to describe it. It just doesn't sound so bad that way. But, in truth...
it is an addiction! I AM A SHOE ADDICT. least I'm not yet in league with the Imelda Marcos' of the world. An essay written by Lance Morrow for TIME magazine estimated her collection at 5,400 pairs. Now.....that is not a simple fetish, my friend..... THAT is a sickness!!
As for the "reason" we are all compulsive shoe shoppers...?....Who knows? ...Maybe it's subliminal advertising that is to blame. I don't know. And truth be told..I don't really care. I just know that I L-O-V-E a good pair of adorable NEW SHOES!!!!!

No temptation has overtaken you except what is
common to humanity

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I have always enjoyed the simple things in life. I don't really buy into the philosophy of "bigger is better". It seems that everywhere you look these days, though, the common thread is expansion. Somewhere along the road to progress in this world, people have decided that more of anything is an improvement. But I , for one, believe that this is certainly a matter of opinion!
Call me "old fashioned" but I really don't enjoy a lot of the things which modern society deems to be necessities. For example, I saw a news story recently where random people in metropolitan areas were asked what types of "things" they regularly carry with them, either in a purse or a backpack etc. The results showed that most women carried with them(and said they couldn't live without) their daytime planner. Well....I have as busy of a schedule as the next gal, with three young children(one in diapers) and all of the extra curricular activities which go along with running a large household. But if I am ever "lost" and unable to function ,except with the use of a glorified "NOTEPAD"...someone just shoot me! Okay.... maybe not that, since my kids would miss me....but REALLY PEOPLE! Use Common SENSE. If you have soooo many things to do each-and-every-day of the week, that you have to have a book full of lists to remember it all....Why not consider downsizing your schedule???? If the reason for such a busy schedule in life is a career.... make some sacrifices and cut back so that you can afford the time to" stop and smell the roses". If for no other reason than ...YOU"LL LIVE LONGER!! Less stress.
If you are a parent..... the kids will survive with one less after school sports program or lesson. And you'll be able to give them much MUCH more of your time, which is really all they want and need. And...just think of all that you can buy with the money you'll have saved because you didn't need to buy a planner. (Today's scripture really made me laugh and it is so true!)

A beautiful woman who rejects good sense
is like a gold ring in a pig's snout.
PROVERBS 11 : 22