Monday, September 21, 2009


Well it has seemed that for some reason lately I have lost A_L_L of my reader interest. I am not sure if my writing is to blame or if there is some other culprit keeping readers at bay, but needless to say I have decided to restructure my site just a bit. I wonder if in my search for simplicity, my site may have become a bit too basic. In other words....B-O-R-I-N-G !! So as you may notice, I have now added a video sidebar with YOUTUBE clips. I intend to try to only use links which relate to family values in some way. But may occasionally include some clips for nothing more than humor sake. I have also had the recent inspiration to add a section which I will call my "Notable Nods". This will be in a sidebar which will list and describe a few of my favorite They will all be items which can hopefully enlighten or enrich my readers in some way( should my readers choose to return).
I have also been inspired lately to take up a few "hobbies" in my life. I realized one day recently that there are several things which I have desired to do over the years, but for some reason have not gottten the gumption to try. Mind you, these are definitely attainable desires. So I said to myself, "Self....What's stoppin' you?" JUST DO IT!! So......For example....I have always loved the ARTS. I have NEVER had one minute of formal art training but somehow I have this "natural" ability to look at a picture which has been drawn or in some cases -painted by an artist and I can create a pretty good "copy" of it. (NOT FOR ANY ILLEGITIMATE use) But it is something I sometimes just feel an artistic yearning to do. So for all of my lucky followers I have decided to post photos(in a sidebar) of my creations as they come and will welcome comments on them. I plan to have these uploaded within the next week or so....So tune back in and take a peek.

"Follow Me," He told them, "and I will make
you fish for people!"


  1. That's a good idea to have your drawings in the sidebar..I have put my childrens artwork in the sidebar .Good luck in your endeavour!!

  2. Most important of all, is that you enjoy what you do. I look forward to your pictures.
    God Bless

  3. Hiee so was that your replica on the side bar.. If so great job! I have a friend whose daughter is great at copying too. Can't tell the difference! You are so lucky to have such talent. Will be looking forward to more, but can the images you place be enlarged. A little too small to see detail. Cheerio.

  4. I think the slow down is related to Blogger. I am not getting any update notices when new posts are added as a follower. So in case you missed my latest, it can be found here:
    Still love your stuff!