Saturday, September 26, 2009


A few years ago I began hearing stories about how ancient Mayan calendars prophesied "The End Of Time" occurring on December 21, 2012. For months afterward, I lived in a sort of deep seeded fear day in and day out. The fear of just exactly "what" might occur on that day. Will we all be burned to smithereens by some meteorite? Or will we all drown in some phenomenally huge tidal wave? Will there be any advance warning or will it happen like a thief in the night as the Bible says? Will my kids be scared? Will I be with my kids when it happens or will they be at school? And just when I had somewhat recovered from my panicked state, I saw yet another show recently called THE NOSTRADAMUS EFFECT which once again has gotten me thinking about all of this apocalyptic mumbo jumbo..... all over again!!! But I am choosing to look at things from a different perspective this time around. For starters..... whatever may or may not occur on December 21 three years from now, there are a few things that I know for sure. I will be 45 years old then and have had---for the most part---a pretty darned good life. I have seen a good bit of this world that we live in. I am well acquainted with its beauty and diversity. I have known the true meaning of real love. I am lucky enough to be married---just once---to a wonderful man and am blessed with 3 beautiful children. My children are the light of my life! One can never imagine the absolute and all consuming love which comes from the blessing of children until you have had them. For me....this is the reason I was here in this world. And if this world must come to an end in 2012 then I will count myself lucky to have raised these 3 glorious souls for as long as God has allowed.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, The First and the Last,
the Beginning and the End.


  1. Same sentiments. Did you know there is movie '2012', we saw the trailer, my boy gets upset watching such catastrophic scenes. So much fear in all of us. I pray everyday that God would keep motherearth safe. God Bless

    Oh you got the images fixed bravo.. great work

  2. oh that darn 2012 again... i too have read about it but i've consciously put that out of my mind. it's too close and i can't do anything about it, sooooooo, forget about it...

  3. Hello Mom

    I am considerably older than you but let me tell you that Nostradamus and his cohorts, the Mayans and their followers and many other soothsayers and prophets have been feeding us the Armageddon message for a long, long time...

    Remember to Millennium fears when thousands of p and water...crazy fear filled behaviors...

    the only way that you can safeguard yourself against these doomsday scenarios is by living each and every day with kindness and caring...the rest is in the laps of the Gods...

    think of the poor people in Penang yesterday, or in Samoa the night before, or in the Phillipines right now...

    I suggest that you hug your children and tell your beloved you love him today...and think happy thoughts...

    Happy days

  4. Something happened to my text...blogger has been trying me in this regard over the last few days...

    the second para should say

    remember the millennium fears when thousands of people built bunkers and stockpiled food and water...

    Happy days

  5. It's scary ..there has been a slew of scary catastrophes in this region in the past few days alone - the Earthquakes (Samoa, Indonesia), the typhoons from Philippines to North Asia and more aftershocks. Let's just pray that when the time comes we will be ready. Yes and we should hug our kids everyday and touch base as often as possible with most loved ones.
    God Bless

  6. Hi there,

    Thanks for visiting my website and praying for my daughter; that means a lot to us. So far things seem to be going in the right direction so thank you!

    I have often pondered these very same things you are touching on in this post that you've written but I love how your daughter(?) Dewlyn replied to your sharing; that the only real way to safeguard oneself is to put their faith and trust in the Lord. That Dewlyn is a very wise one!

    It has been lovely meeting you!

  7. There all kinds of predictions about the turn of the millennium as well. How it was the end of days, they day of Jesus return, and when Ala would judge the unfaithful. There so many talking heads on TV spewing terror to cash in on people's fear. Turns out, the biggest threat was a miscalculation possibility in bank earning reports because of a two-digit year system.

    2012 will not be as bad as Y2K was.