Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Shoe Fetish

I recently saw a television interview with a man who is a former Catholic priest, but is now happily married to a woman. I was amused by his admission that in the first days of his marriage, the one thing which surprised him the most about his "changed life" was the difference in closet space. He hadn't anticipated that (as he put it) there were his things on one side of the closet and ALL OF HER SHOES on the other. This gave me pause to wonder WHY sooo many of us women out there have shoe fetishes. Especially when you consider the sometimes exorbitant amount we spend on these prized possessions. But I have also come to the recent realization that I have taken things one....step......further! To a whole new level of FETISH. You see, having filled all of the possible shoe storage crevices in my closet, which is of course "shared" with my husband
(80% mine/20% his ). I have now apparently unconsciously passed my affliction on to my children. How? You ask. youngest child is still in diapers, and can barely walk yet, but is now the proud owner of about 20 pairs of shoes! The most embarrassing thing about this revelation is that they don't even all "fit" and probably never will fit. But, none the less, they are all jammed into a drawer...which now barely closes, just in case they might be worn....someday.
And ....I KNOW.....I KNOW....I "should" go donate A L L of my unneeded pairs of shoes- plus-
A L L of the babies ones to some needy soul somewhere. But I just CAN"T do it!! I can't bare to be separated from them. So there- it- "addiction". Of course, we married housewives use the "polite" term...fetish to describe it. It just doesn't sound so bad that way. But, in truth...
it is an addiction! I AM A SHOE ADDICT. least I'm not yet in league with the Imelda Marcos' of the world. An essay written by Lance Morrow for TIME magazine estimated her collection at 5,400 pairs. Now.....that is not a simple fetish, my friend..... THAT is a sickness!!
As for the "reason" we are all compulsive shoe shoppers...?....Who knows? ...Maybe it's subliminal advertising that is to blame. I don't know. And truth be told..I don't really care. I just know that I L-O-V-E a good pair of adorable NEW SHOES!!!!!

No temptation has overtaken you except what is
common to humanity


  1. For some reason I love bags, big ones, small ones, fancy and sporty. But I treat like a rubbish dump. So much stuff in it that it can weigh a ton. LOL

  2. I love shoes but I wear the one pair that I love most till it gets worn out, tattered and almost fallen to pieces...then - I go to the next pair and on and on :D

    Recently, we also gave away most of the shoes which were only on display inside the shoe rack (not worn any time at all).

    AND i love the new look of your blog.