Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I have always enjoyed the simple things in life. I don't really buy into the philosophy of "bigger is better". It seems that everywhere you look these days, though, the common thread is expansion. Somewhere along the road to progress in this world, people have decided that more of anything is an improvement. But I , for one, believe that this is certainly a matter of opinion!
Call me "old fashioned" but I really don't enjoy a lot of the things which modern society deems to be necessities. For example, I saw a news story recently where random people in metropolitan areas were asked what types of "things" they regularly carry with them, either in a purse or a backpack etc. The results showed that most women carried with them(and said they couldn't live without) their daytime planner. Well....I have as busy of a schedule as the next gal, with three young children(one in diapers) and all of the extra curricular activities which go along with running a large household. But if I am ever "lost" and unable to function ,except with the use of a glorified "NOTEPAD"...someone just shoot me! Okay.... maybe not that, since my kids would miss me....but REALLY PEOPLE! Use Common SENSE. If you have soooo many things to do each-and-every-day of the week, that you have to have a book full of lists to remember it all....Why not consider downsizing your schedule???? If the reason for such a busy schedule in life is a career.... make some sacrifices and cut back so that you can afford the time to" stop and smell the roses". If for no other reason than ...YOU"LL LIVE LONGER!! Less stress.
If you are a parent..... the kids will survive with one less after school sports program or lesson. And you'll be able to give them much MUCH more of your time, which is really all they want and need. And...just think of all that you can buy with the money you'll have saved because you didn't need to buy a planner. (Today's scripture really made me laugh and it is so true!)

A beautiful woman who rejects good sense
is like a gold ring in a pig's snout.
PROVERBS 11 : 22


  1. Totally true. I was forced to smell the roses, because my son made me do it. He said "Mum is your work more important, or me".

    Of course it had to be him, or I will hear no end to it. But you know what, i am enjoying 'doing less', I don't feel like a monkey on blades. Cheerz

  2. Life gets busier with children around the house and there's no time to even sit and write any planner!

  3. This morning, thinking just that..we are so dependent on our gadgets - leaving the mobile at home when I go out, leaves me with a naggy thought the enire time I'm out about who's missing me. But I think there's one gadget that serves a good and bad. :) the MP3 player.. Bad - for my teen because she's constantly plugged in even when we are out together but Good for me - keeps out the noise(within and without)) and music keeps me in peace mode on my way to work.

  4. I absolutely agree. The challenge as parents is to control the urge to give our kids everything we didn't have (or maybe did have) when we were growing up. Nice blog!