Monday, November 23, 2009

30 Days Of Christmas In Love

O.K......So...Yes I am now feeling just a little bit guilty about my last post which was
for me nothing more than creative venting, but for my readers may have seemed
more like a barrage of negativity towards my loving husband.
Therefor I have decided to balance the scales, so to speak. Over the next 30 days before Christmas I will write at least one reason for each day that I love my hubby.

Of course I have one small snafu in my plans already, we are
leaving today to spend Thanksgiving in a place where there is no signal for my computer.
Soooo...I guess I'll have to think of & share the first 7 reasons in this post. But will share the rest, daily ,on my return. And here goes...................

I Love my husband because.....

He is a softie.
(Let me explain) When we first met, the umpteenth remake of the classic love story "An Affair To Remember"was in theaters..this one I believe titled "Love Affair" with Annette Bening & Warren Beatty. We had both seen the movie. And then one night the old original version was playing on the television. So...we watched it. Only he was watching from his
home (300 miles from where I lived) and I was watching in my home. So of course it played out like a scene from yet another classic romantic movie, "When Harry Met Sally". Because during the commercials we would call each other on the phone to compare notes on which we liked better, the original or the remake.
And at the end of the movie when Nicky Ferrantie ( Cary Grant) opens the bedroom door of
Terri McKay (Deborah Kerr) and spies the portrait hanging above her bed, thus proving that she
of course had a "very good reason " for not meeting him atop the Empire State Building, .....
I spoke to my honey on the phone and ....Yes, you guessed it.... he was crying!
He still does...cry when watching sappy movie scenes, or at weddings, and of course at the birth of each of our children. That first time though was when I knew... he was a keeper!

Day 2
We have A LOT in common.
We were both raised in the south under similar circumstances. The main ingredient: dysfunction.
We both were children of divorce.Luckily we are both committed to rising above our pasts and giving our children the stability neither of us had.
Both love music(all except rap) & arts. Both love traveling. Both spontaneous types. Obviously both enjoy good movies. Both Love Sushi--this is important!

Day 3
He is generous.
He will quite often leave a very large tip to someone who has provided a service just to brighten their day. He gives his time(not just $) to charitable causes. He gave up 6 0r 7 Fourth of July
holidays with his own children, to volunteer at a summer camp for children with cancer. He spent a week each time taking these sick little ones for boat rides. Of course most of them would want to be pulled on tubes behind the boat, which would make him a nervous wreck every year,
because most of them would have medical devices & tubes connected to their torso's which were NOT supposed to get real wet!
Also a few years in a row he was a "Secret Santa". He spent the wee hours of the night before Christmas anonymously delivering presents to children who had recently lost a parent.

Day 4
I know,I know. Sounds corny. Tom Cruise aint got nothin' on my man though!
He honestly knows ALL of my likes and dislikes and knows what I want...BEFORE..I want it.
He finishes my sentences quite often & steals the thought from my brain before my mouth can say it.

Day 5
He is a GREAT DAD.
He spends lots of time teaching our children lots of things. He teaches them math by asking them questions which inspire them to solve mathematical equations. He is good at this. He finds creative ways to help them learn. He will take them out to play ball or ride bikes. He lets them steer the boat--which they just LOVE--when water is smooth & traffic is slow. He gives them all the attention they desire and need ,mixed with just the right amount of structure and direction.

Day 6
He Pampers Me
He gives me just about everything a girl could want(within reason).
A nice faithful husband, a nice place to call home, lots of clothes, lots & LOTS of shoes---of course, jewelry, a nice car to drive...ok it's actually a gas guzzling SUV,but the best thing he gives me is the ability for me to raise our children without working outside of the home.

Day 7
He is a fantastic cook.
He actually cooks more than and better than me. This was the clincher for me when we were dating. One year for Thanksgiving he cooked for me. And I meeeaaan COOKED!!
See I was a flight attendant who had to work on all holidays. My holiday meals were always spent on the run either in an airport restaurant, a Cracker Barrel somewhere, or worst of all...
on the plane! So one year he invited me to fly to his hometown to eat Thanksgiving Dinner with his family. As I devoured the scrumptious meal with every one of my favorite dishes....even my favorite first I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, but then as I looked around I noticed he wasn't eating much and neither were any of the others. Why? You might ask.
Well as it turned out, they had all eaten their Thanksgiving dinner much earlier in the day.
But because I had to fly in so late after working.....this wonderful man had prepared this entire meal, by himself, JUST FOR ME! And he and his family sat and ate again, just for me. So that I wouldn't dine alone on Thanksgiving. Can you imagine? What a gem he is!!

STAY tuned for more to come....after THANKSGIVING.

Scripture Of The Day
Marriage must be respected by all,
and the marriage
bed kept undefiled, because God will judge immoral people and adulterers.
HEBREWS 13 : 4



  1. Really beautiful that wasn't so hard was it!

  2. He sounds too good to be true. Now that's the kind of man I wish I had. You have been truly blessed! Take care both of you.