Tuesday, December 1, 2009

30 Days Of Christmas In Love (continued)

For anyone who is reading this post .....you must read the previous post, first--same title---"30 Days Of Christmas In Love".

I love my husband because.....

Day 8
My husband has a very Very inquiring mind. He also has a photographic memory when it comes to remembering directions. Put those two things together---and---Whatta Ya Got?--*MapMan*
EVERYwhere we go, he has his face glued to a map....learning every little detail about the surrounding area for a hundred miles or so. Now....the upside of this is that we are hardly ever "lost". But it also has a few drawbacks. Many people, upon arriving at their intended travel destination, like to kick back....relax a bit....lay by the pool...or maybe get a massage.
NOT my MAPMAN! He's already rented a car, got a map(of course), spoken to half of the locals to find out the best sights to see, and seen half of them before most people have unpacked their belongings. And what I love so much about this quality of his(even though I don't get to lay by the pool sometimes) is that there is never a dull moment!

Scripture Of The Day
Happy is a man who finds wisdom
and who acquires understanding,


  1. So then I must be, "Never ask directions man... I can do it myself man."

    When that man does finally find wisdom and understanding, what does he do with it? I know a lot of brilliant people sitting on their couch, afraid to death to make a move.

  2. Does your husband have a brother? LOL! He sounds great. Lucky girl! I am glad to see you were a long distance romance at the beginning. I am just starting a long distance romance and was wondering lately if It could ever be anything more. You are proof that it can be!

  3. You're lucky!! you need n't bother with those travel guides for assistance , when you have your own mapman!
    Bon Voyage!