Sunday, October 11, 2009


As you may have noticed...I have made several changes on the old bloggin homefront lately.
I am really striving to allow my site to continue to evolve into something that will be interesting
for the wide variety of the viewing blogger public who I am still hopeful to EVENTUALLY find "following" ME. The newest gadget on my blog page, which was added just today, is the subject of this post. It is a "realtime" slideshow of photos taken from other blogger sites. I have placed it just below the Santa clock in the sidebar. The interesting thing is...I wonder if the people who originally posted these photos to their sites... had any idea that someone ME....would be displaying them on another site. So if you are reading my blog and see a photo of your kid in my sidebar gadget, all I can say is ...I hope it makes you smile...I didn't create the gadget. But I guess if I wasn't already paranoid enough about the photos and things I upload to my site...I will be even more so now! This whole topic reminds me of a story I saw in the news recently though, which the entire blogging, facebooking, twittering world NEEDS to know about. Apparently, there are some new, lowlife-dirty-rotten scumbag thieves in cyberspace these days. They "follow" you on your sites communicating with your friends and loved ones ,and they target you by hacking into your e-mail account where the thieves then send a message to a close friend or relative of the yours(posing as YOU). So now your friend or relative also becomes their victim. This nasty email message claims that you are stuck in another country and have had some sort of bad luck (mugging, stolen wallet, lost luggage etc.) and need money wired right away. Several unlucky people have fallen prey to these cyber-scamming criminals by sending money ( they help a friend). This just makes me sick!!! So I hope.... if there is anyone reading this post...this story is one thing you can feel free to "steal" and pass along.

The thief must no longer steal. Instead, he must do honest work with his
own hands, so that he has something to share with anyone in need.


  1. First of all thank you and you're welcome.
    My dad almost got taken in by this same type of scam, an email claimed that a certain parishioner was in dire straits, trapped overseas, thankfully before my dad could send off money he tried to reach his home and found out that the person whose name was used was not in any need. But unfortunately several of the other parishioners and the nuns too had lost money already. And the thieves cannot be traced of course. Yes it's good to pass word around, always verify if possible.

  2. Yes I heard about this ..But why are people so gullible to send money without checking on their friends or their families if they were really stranded in another country or not...

  3. By the way I just viewed your artwork..I must say they are superb!

  4. Hi there Mom

    The blog photo widget is an interesting one..
    It is almost an infringement of copyright don't you think...Hmmmmm

    I wouldn't like to see my photos flying around cyberspace like that would you...

    Happy days