Friday, October 16, 2009


O K. So I was sitting here this morning getting ready to figure out what to blog about, and ....I KID YOU NOT...just as I started to touch the keys on my computer, my son, a 1st grader-who is home from school because he is sick with (THANK GOD) only a mild case of SWINE FLU, says to me "Hey Mom, I'll give you 1 guess who I am gonna marry when I grow up?!" Before I tell you his answer...I must add that we live in what is considered to be a "red-neck" state in the southern U.S. , but his answer came only from a place of innocence and love. Now ...I was trying real hard to remember any names of the girls in his school class whom he might have shown a recent interest in. And was feeling really guilty for not being able to come up with anything, when he looked at me and pointed to his baby sister (a toddling sweety for sure....but still his Sister). "I'm gonna marry her, mom , because then I will get to live at home longer." By now I was laughing (inwardly, of course) so darned hard I thought I might wet my britches! I had to explain that while it sounds so nice that he loves his little sister and likes living where we live....He cannot EVER _ marry_ his sister!! To make it even I was typing this entry he started reading over my shoulder...he's quite an excellent reader....and he says to me "Mom, your neck is redder right now than mine!" ....."Alright buddy! Go draw a picture for Mommy and stop eavesdropping", I said.
I wish we could all keep our innocence just a little bit longer. It really is sad that we have to lose it and even more sad that it happens at such young ages these days. I mean, children....not even teenagers, but children ages 10, 11 ,12 years old are losing their virginity these days. What does that say about society? Where is that little thing called..Innocence? And what about Parenting? Yesterday ,we in the U.S. kept our eyes glued to our televisions for an hour or so because a 6 year old child was believed to be inside a balloon floating in mid-air across the state of Colorado. As it turned out, the helium filled mega- balloon had been let go and he went and hid from his parents, perhaps because he thought he might be in just a bit of trouble? Ya think? But who didn't do something they knew was wrong when they were a child? We all maybe took a candy bar from a convenience store or cheated on a test. And in some cases we graduated to bigger things like egging cars or rolling lawns in toilet paper. But these days some kids are carrying around weapons and plotting murder and having intercourse! It just makes your head spin! I don't want to keep my kids from growing up...but I hope they can atleast enjoy childhood as it should be.... until a proper age to reach maturity.

Your calf- idol is rejected, Samaria
How long will they be incapable of innocence?
HOSEA 8 : 5


  1. Thank you for your nice comments, the poems was wrote by someone else

  2. I'm always toying with how much I should expose my son to the outside world, yet lack of exposure could lead to naivety and ignorance and perhaps that's where the dangers lie. They learn from the wrong sources and are easily influenced.
    God Bless us to make the right decisions. :)