Sunday, October 4, 2009


Well I added some new gadgets to my site recently! The newest of these is my countdown to Christmas clock. I had to laugh because I am the worlds biggest critic when it comes to the whole retail "Holiday" shopping frenzy. What I mean by this drives me crazy that we are pestered earlier and earlier every year by retailers to buy gifts and nick-nack-paddy-whack holiday decorative junk! BAH HUMBUG! Call me Scrooge if you like, but I for one think it is ridiculous! Last year the Christmas advertisement extravaganza began before--I kid you not--before Halloween!!
Now instead of looking forward to the season with excited and eager anticipation, I am forced into being frustrated and just downright dreading the weeks and months preceding any major holiday.
And they play dirty too! Using our kids to get to us even... with all of the newest, coolest, gotta find it, gotta have it, gonna wait all night in line to buy it....TOYS!!
Now call me a mean mom, but if I can't go to the stores in the last 2 weeks before Christmas and find the things I need to buy to fill my kid's wish list then.... I DON"T WANT THEM!! So... I have just started telling my kids that "sometimes Santa just can't make enough of every single "popular" toy for every little girl or boy to have one, and he sometimes gives something else that he knows they might like instead". For example....last year my oldest child just couldn't stop talking about a toy that was seen in a commercial called Bendaroo's . They are colorful twisty twig-like sticks that can be bended every which way into artwork and they even stick to walls. YAY ! So....of course.... I did what any dedicated mom would do... I drove to every store in town looking for these Bendaroo's things for my little angel. Well 2 days before Christmas I finally found 1 person, a store clerk, who had even heard of them! And was informed that they weren't carried in retail stores and could only be ordered online! GREAT!! Just great! Had I known this earlier I might have been able to order them...but I was N_O_T gonna be pressured into paying an extra 50% above the purchase price for expedited delivery! So my Santa's switcheroo story came to life. Of course 6 or 7 months later while walking through a Michaels Craft Store, there the darned things were...right on the shelf.. Bendaroo's. So what do you think? I'm not that mean! Of course I bought them! And now....I hate them! Yes.... that's right H-A-T-E them! They' re everywhere all over my house, stuck in every corner and on all the walls. And now the F_U_N starts all over again! Ho! Ho! HO! UGH!

It is a trap for anyone to dedicate something rashly
and later to reconsider his vows.


  1. oh I love the christmas countdown clock. Hey, i am already humming christmas tunes, and telling my boy go learn to play them on the piano so that we can sing along. I had better start my christmas list, becos i will rush and in the end don't have the time to get anything becos of rush jobs in the office. ooh one more drawing nice.

  2. Wow it's a dramatic makeover, I thought I came to the wrong site. Christmas always puts me in a special mood but I don't like it when the tree & lights come out too early, just so hard to shift gears too early; the work(office) mood just conflicts with all that. I get depressed first before I get happy..(haha).. late November is close enough for me.
    Be Happy!
    BM (PS : I have something for you at my blog)