Tuesday, October 27, 2009


In the movie " The Sound Of Music", the list included things like; raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. But I suppose if I were to take the time to search the deepest corners of my mind, by imagining myself fully relaxed, maybe by the side of a warm and cozy fire with a pair of my most favorite fluffy and soft pj's, sipping a nice mug of hot cocoa & flipping through an album filled with memories, my list would be a bit different. I don't think it would work as a song, although anything sung by Julie Andrews always sounded angelic.

The first of my favorite things would be.....Babies Breath.
Not the plant used by florists to adorn the edges of their bouquets. I quite literally love to smell the air being exhaled by my babies, usually when they sleep. I love to lean in close, then even closer, just close enough to feel their breath on my cheek as I inhale their sweetness, taking it in as deep as my lungs will allow.
The next thing on my list would be....Summer Sunsets.
I love to sit in a nice wooden Adirondack chair feeling the warmth of the late afternoon sun, just before it falls below the horizon. The only sounds I can hear are the birds chirping sweet melodies, the wind softly rustling through the leaves of nearby trees and an occasional dog barking somewhere in the distance. My eyes are treated to a dazzling array of colors. Pinks, deep purples, warm oranges and golden yellows all mix together with the bluish grey clouds on the palette in the heavens above.
Another of my favorites on my list is.....Wednesday Nights.
Now, in my opinion, any good home cooked meal that I didn 't have to raise a finger to prepare is a wonderful meal! I am sure all of you kitchen- challenged, burn- everything- you- look- at moms can commiserate on this one with me. So this is why I love Wednesday nights because for almost 10 years now my husband and I have been in a Bible study group which meets at a neighbors home. We have about 12 regular members (all neighbors) who each bring a food dish.
We rotate the main entree to a different couple each week and everyone else brings a side dish or dessert. We never discuss, coordinate or plan ahead of time what to bring, but somehow it always ends up being a perfect meal. Amazingly, we hardly ever even have duplicate dishes. With a variety of ages among us, we have some very talented cooks in our group, present company excluded, of course! It is like having a Thanksgiving Dinner every week. But the best thing of all is that our neighborhood is like one big family.
Next on my list I would have to include my.......Travel Bug.
This is not an insect! But it is really more like an affliction or infatuation that I have always had for traveling. I L-O-V-E to travel! Anywhere...Anytime...Any mode of transportation...I love it all! I enjoy seeing new places. Where some people can't stand having to pack their belongings and don't like dealing with traffic on the interstate or all of the hullabaloo it takes to get through security at airports these days. I don't mind. BRING IT ON!!
If I am experiencing any of these things, bothersome as they may be... it still means I am goin' somewhere! I am one of those people who even gets cranky if too much time lapses between trips! Luckily for me, my hubby has the travel bug too! That's why I love him! And despite my ranting in last weeks post...I do!
Finally, on my list of favorite things(Oh--believe me I could think of more)......Christmas Mornings.
I love to see the joy and excitement in the eyes of my children as they creep from their rooms on Christmas morning and spot all of the presents tucked and stacked deep beneath the limbs of a nice 8 ft. tall Christmas Pine. My heart swells with love every time they squeel with delight at each new gift. Most of all.... I love to see them unwrapping a few of their favorite things!
You see.... it's no accident that I have a clock in the sidebar counting down the minutes to this favorite thing of mine!

If you then,who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your
children, how much more will your Father in Heaven give
good things to those who ask Him?


  1. I have far too many favourite things to list! I love to wallow in my memories, I love to take things out and look and smell them, before I put them back into their box. I love this time of year, even though it hold memories of my parents, and I feel they are never far away.
    I used to go to Alpha meetings a few years ago, so I know what it is like to have a sort of eat-out every week! But little things, like my blog, and my friends make me happy!

  2. It's great to be able to be aware and enjoy the various experiences that assail our senses. Enjoy the sensations.

  3. The Sound of Music is one of my favourite classic movies.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog.I also love the sound of music more for the social aspects and drama of film than the actually music. I like the music as-well but it wasn't what made it my favorite. I like you take on your favorite things.

  5. Lovely post with so much to which I can relate.

    For some reason, I always loved the smell of my babies' heads. I guess it was because my wife always kept them so clean and the downey hair had the scent of baby shampoo. Now when my now 1 year old granddaughter is with me I like to smell her hair. Though they are very young, my daughter and son-in-law are doing such a wonderful job of taking care of their child. I am so proud of them because I really had my doubts at first.

    I'd love for you to check some of my blog posts and hear what you think. I've been doing a series on prayer over the last few Sundays. Also there are some comments you might be interested in at the end of the post entitled, "Losing and Coping" that are exchanged between a very civil atheist and myself. I'm going to add myself to your followers and hope you might do the same for me.


    Thank you

  6. Nice story!My boys grown up too fast(always babies grow too fast)but I remember their sweet smell...I love them deeply as one Mom can love ,but thanks God I have now one granddaughter to somehow replace their sweet smell.I hope more children will come in future ! Sannitta

  7. Thank you for your encouraging words about my blog and the post "Losing and Coping". I wanted to respond to the following that you said here on your post:

    You said in response to my post "Losing & Coping":

    "...I loved this post! I am glad that you suggested I should read it. I think you did a fantastic job both in writing the post and in ministering. Your response to your Atheist reader was well put in my opinion, as a fellow Christian. Did she respond to your question about whether or not she had always been an atheist? I would be curious myself to know the answer to that question. I am definitely following. God Bless!"

    In answer, did you notice the follow up exchange that Carrie and I had? There a few postings there. To answer your question, she said she had been raised with a Christian background, which I had suspected. Go back and look at our interchange which follows the initial post. I would love to hear what you or perhaps any of your Bible study group might thing about what I told Carrie. The reason that I wanted to respond to you on your site is that I am hoping Carrie will continue to discourse with me and I didn't want her to feel badly about anything I might say otherwise (although she may still see this comment if she follows to your site). I do follow her site, which is about writing, and I have noticed some other Christians also follow her site-- she does not refer to atheism on it as far as I can see. So who knows what can happen? She seems like a fine person and she is very civil in her discourse.

    Thank you so much for adding your name to my blog -- my name is on your's as well and I will be keeping up with your posts.


  8. Thank you for your sweet comments on arise 2 write. I have joined to follow and look forward to getting to know you. I will be gone for about a week, but after that I will be blogging and visiting again.
    Blessings, andrea

  9. Forgot to tell you. I have another blog where I write in the voice of one of my therapy dogs. You may enjoy it, too.

  10. Love this... definitely be following now.

    When you have a second, come by and say hi.



  11. Hi, Thanks so much for coming past my blog - I love yours and the pic that you are greeted with! You Mothers are wonderful beings who seem to enlessly give of yourselves to everyone around you - not only your children and husbands. You deserve a medal! Stunning blog - I'll be following you.


    Have a lovely day