Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Value Of A Buck

Well.....I found myself frustrated recently when I realized just how much dirty laundry is being washed, dried, folded and put away by me in this house with 5 people. It sometimes feels as if I am cleaning the clothes of 5 families. And so I decided to start keeping a log book to track the number of loads amassed in a week. Don't ask where it I think it will get me. But I am still trackin'! I had also written in my old blog about the fact that back when we only had 1 child my hubby paid for a maid to clean our almost 4000 sq. ft home .... once a month
that's all.....but it was nice & REEEALLLY appreciated! And of course now that we have 3 kids ....NO Maid! However, today.....I came up with a new plan.
My two oldest children wanted to know how they could earn some money. In the past my husband has allowed them occasionally to pick up debris in our yard in exchange for a dollar or two. On went the light bulb in my head!!! Lets see..... there's some kids laundry needin' to be put away, floors need sweeping, a swifferer might be nice. I offered to pay them $5 each to take care of it. Bingo! Problem solved! They were soooo excited that they were getting a small allowance(well maybe not so small...but still cheaper than the maid) and I got, not one, but two little maids for the day. YEAH
That's what I'm Talkin' bout. Ok... well it wasn't done perfectly, of course. But score 1 for mom. And when they were done with their "chores" my husband offered to take them out for ice cream if they wanted to spend a little of what they had just earned. Their choice...spend or save. And of course ...which choice do you think they made?

Ill gotten gains do not profit anyone, but righteousness rescues from death.
Proverbs 10 : 2


  1. Good stuff. I am following for sure!

  2. It's funny in this day and age how the women are still the ones doing the cleaing?! When i move with my boyfriend it's agreed that he does the cleaning and washing if i do the cooking and the DIY lol! (no doubt i'll tell him he's doing it wrong though, and end up doing it my way!)