Wednesday, July 29, 2009



There...I said it!! The "C" word.
No I don't have it , that I know of. But every time I turn around there it is again. In the news someone else either has it or has died from it or is trying to raise money to fight against it...searching for a cure. Yes.... I understand that this is necessary. What scares me the most is that the extent of my knowledge about cancer, until recently, has always been through the media. News stories, warnings(like the latest: "stay out of tanning beds"), and the occasional movie. I just watched the movie " My Sister's Keeper" (probably should have read the book instead). It was a pretty good movie as long as you have about 4 boxes of tissues with you. It left me with a very graphic picture of what it must be like for those who are dealing with a close loved one suffering with cancer.
But now I am beginning to notice more and more of my friends......or friends of friends having one form or another of the disease. My husband has a cousin who has cancer and is about to undergo a bone marrow transplant. And most recently my own Aunt now has terminal cancer, consisting of several brain tumors(the inoperable less)and a tumor in her lungs. She was undergoing chemo and radiation but after a recent stint in the hospital with blood clots, they sent her wait to die. Nothing more can be done.[ At the time of this posting, ironically, I received a phone call from my cousin informing me that hospice care had arrived and my Aunt is not expected to live for more than a day or two.]
This past year one of my son's teachers had to suddenly quit when her husband was diagnosed with a very aggressive form, which had already spread through most of his body. One day he was seemingly fine, then boom CANCER!! And another good friend who I was walking with several mornings a week, had to quit because her own sister( married with 2 small children) was losing her battle with brain cancer as well. She passed away a few weeks ago, which as it happens was probably a blessing in disguise. Her oh-so wonderful husband was suing her for divorce! And ...yes you guessed it...he wanted custody of the kids too! I hope if ....KNOCK ON WOOD...I am ever fighting a losing battle against a monster like "THE BIG C" that my husband won't turn out to be Satan in disguise too! I mean how low can you go?
P.S. Aunt passed away August 1, 2009

Then Jesus went to all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues , preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and every sickness .

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