Saturday, December 19, 2009

30 Days Of Christmas In Love (continued)

Readers:  This is a series which ends with Christmas.

For days 1- 22   see previous posts.

I love my husband because.....

Day 23

He is a Captain.
My husband LOVES boats, boating and everything in between. He has always loved being on the water.
He enjoys fishing, but his real love is just being out there, seeing  everything and enjoying the beauty of nature
in the wild. Our first born child even sports a name which correlates to his love of boating. I won't disclose this name for safety sake...but needless to say it is a cool name and very original.
Recently my husband completed his certification for a captains license and has plans to start a business doing what he loves to do. Can't beat that huh?

Day 24

He kills for me.
O.k.  ...Now that I have your attention back.....get your mind out of the gutter! hubby is not a murderer. Let me explain.  We live in a home that is in a very wooded area. Over the years we have had HUMONGOUS spiders in the house. I mean like tarantula size monster spiders. A neighbor says they are called fruit spiders.All I know is that they are fat and hairy and GROSS! AND.... I can't stand 'em!
My hubby just calmly walks right up to them and squishes them like the pests that they are! I don't know how he manages this but I am thankful. night...we had a snake in our master bathroom. Normally we see lots of  harmless little green garden snakes and some black rat snakes(one fell out of a tree while eating a squirrel...right in the middle of a group of people at my childs 2nd Birthday party)YAY! Right? I am sure you can imagine the chaos that ensued.
Anyways...back to the snake which got into my house. It was an upstairs bathroom. Don't ya just love this! it wasn't a cute little garden snake OR a rat snake. It was red,yellow and black
a Coral snake, which is very poisonous!!! So I was FREEKING out!!! But luckily our neighbor told us the way to tell.... if red touches black....not poisonous, if red touches yellow....RUN LIKE heck!
Our snake was red on black.We were safe.

Needless to say he removed the snake. And about six months later I finally stopped looking over my shoulder for snakes in every corner of my house.

Day 25

He is the Garbage man.

Yup...that's right! Sort of.
Because we live in a rural area we don't have public trash pick-up.
 So a couple of times a week my hubby takes all of our trash and our neighbors trash to the dump. Not
a real fun chore. Somebody has to do it though. This is why I love my guy!

Day 26

He leaves the toilet seat.... DOWN.

He is very considerate that way. He doesn't do alot of the gross things that some guys seem to always do.
I had two platonic male roommates for 7 years before I got married. So...BELIEVE me...I have seen it all!
Since I was like a sister to them both they felt comfortable to act naturally around me.You know, they weren't trying to impress me with their manners. Of course I don't know that my husband is still trying to impress me after all of these years either, but he still remembers his manners. And I love him for it.

  But a married man is concerned about the things of the world--
           how he may please his wife--.
               1 CORINTHIANS  7 : 33  

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