Friday, December 18, 2009

30 Days Of Christmas In Love (continued)

Readers: This is a series which will end at Christmas.
For Days 1-18  See previous posts.

Due to the fact that we are going out of town for the Holidays I
will need to consolidate several days worth of entries into the next few posts. I hope that you have all enjoyed reading these posts as much as I have enjoyed creating them. I have enjoyed reading your feedback as well!

Day  19

He is Nosey!
This is not misspelled and does not refer to a character or personality flaw. It refers to the fact that he can smell a person smoking a cigarette a half mile away. His nose could challenge the best bird dog or drug sniffing canine.We can be stopped at a stoplight and he will say that he can tell someone is smoking a cigarette in another car...and sure enough...I will peep over at the vehicle in the lane next to ours....
and there you have it....a smoker! (my apologies to any readers who partake in this act)
I can be cooking something in our kitchen and the minute it begins to burn, which with my cooking is frequent, he of course takes notice. I love his nose!

Day  20

He  Devours Books. 

No...he doesn't actually eat them! But he sure LOVES to read them. He has even been known to read the dictionary! I kid you  NOT!! We have a library filled with books in our home...most of which he has read at some time or another. It is a great example for our kids..who are at the ages where they don't want to HAVE to read even though they are both excellent readers ...well ahead of their grade levels in their lexile scores.
I keep hoping my husbands love for reading will eventually rub off on them!

Day 21  

He is a Chamelion of sorts. 

My guy looks good whether he is clean shaven or sporting a  five o'clock shadow. I call this his mountain man look. One minute he is wearing  jeans and a raggy t-shirt with hiking boots or sneakers and driving a tractor through our neighborhood to smooth out the roads which are unpaved and often filled with potholes.
The next time you see him he is wearing a fancy sport coat and hobnobbing with the towns upper-crust.
Handsome either way!

Day 22

He is a clown.

My husband must have been voted "CLASS CLOWN" when he was in school.
He has always had a strong sense of humor. And even though I  am not always amused at what he finds
humorous.....I still love that child-like  quality about him which never fails to keep things interesting and
 more importantly,  keeps him young at heart !  

     Many plans are in a mans heart,
     but the Lords decree will prevail.
              PROVERBS  19: 21 

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  1. Oh your hubby and I have one thing in common, I am 'nosey' too, where cigarettes are concerned. I can smell them a mile away. lol

    Have a great trip though. Blessings.