Friday, November 20, 2009

In A Skinny Minute

So I was watching t.v. this morning and in between all of the stories about or advertisements for "Twilight", they touched on another topic in the news....Kate Moss' statement on her preference to be "skinny". And all of a sudden there is all of this feigned shock and disgust that she may be influencing young minds with such a statement. Well.....EXCUSE ME....but who do they think they are kidding? The press and media have done nothing in the last 30 years but propel the idea that any woman wearing anything greater than a size 2 is pudgy and sizes 4-6 downright FAT.
After that I guess we're all apparently grotesque! I have had to struggle for years now to stay in my size 6 jeans. And I can fit in them alright, which isn't half bad if you consider the fact that my youngest child is not yet a year old. But like many who are in denial, truth be said...I am really a size 8. I was size 6 when I was 18. I have had 3 kids.....and have gray hairs sprouting from my scalp....but I am made to feel ,by the pressures of the material world we live in, that I'd better keep a small waist. And then you have to worry whether or not your husband is gonna trade you in for the newer SKINNIER model. O.K., well I don't think that I need to worry so much about my husband, but I have several friends who are dealing with their straying spouses mid-life crisis.
I think that I touched on this in an earlier blog post but, I watched a YOU-TUBE clip a few months ago which was appropriately titled "Evolution" it had been posted by Dove.I believe it was part of their campaign to help change the way women see themselves. Kudo's to Dove !
The video focuses on a model who is being prepped for a photo shoot. And in the beginning she has 0 make-up on her face. She is just an ordinary looking girl, has some freckles on her nose and a zit or two. Probably wouldn't turn many heads if you saw her walking down the street. They brilliantly capture, in time-lapse format, every detail of the miraculous transformation of this young woman. Which includes hair extensions,added by a professional stylist, of course, a perfect ton of makeup,followed by touch-up after touch-up to expertly erase any imperfections and add just the right amount of 'beauty' which hadn't been given by God. By the end of the video she is what many would consider striking and some might even say...gorgeous. With 0 flaws. The final scene as the camera pans away shows the finished product, a full size Billboard...not Times Square I think...but just as well could be. There are plenty of them there which began just like this one. (To view the video clip use this link)

I just wonder what we are saying to our children? My son is 6 and is as thin as a rail, but worries that his belly is too big. I know that there are health risks to being overweight. But I don't think this is the reason for this skewed sense of what is considered attractive in our society. I can't say enough good things about a company like Dove who is willing to go beyond the norm to create real change, important and needed CHANGE!
As for people like Kate Moss....Go EAT!!!!

Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting,
but a woman who fears the Lord will be praised.
Proverbs 31: 30


  1. Too true, I am preoccupied with loosing some pounds too, at this age it's so hard to do that.(digestive enzymes !!! are a problem).. But for all the young people out there, I hope they get enough of the message that is starting to move around that being slim does not equal looking like a skeleton and unhealthy. Kudos to Dove.

  2. That was a pretty wild clip. I do think our society makes some of us, I suppose women more than men, less happy with the looks God gave them. But like the verse from Proverbs says that surface beauty is ephemeral and the real beauty is in her integrity, her talents, and the way she comes across to others. That surface beauty is nice to look at, but is it nice to live with?

  3. I put on some weight after my 4th child and tried hard to get back to my earlier shape but in vain..So now I have given up..I try to eat healthy and indulge into junk food once in a while..

  4. That's tough. Skinny is never beautiful and everyone must worry of how this World is going to grow up.

    Thank you so much :D

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. Hey thanks for sharing that video. I watch American Top Model whenever I had the time. Haha it makes me feel good. Knowing that all those women walking out there in the streets are originally not as gorgeous as they make out to be. A lot of work was put in. In fact they look worse than I do.. lol.

    And sorry to have made you cry reading my post. It's been a sad yet happy life. I will go take a look at the books you recommended. God bless.