Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Above is a photo of the Tree of Life, which is the heart and central focus point located within the
Animal Kingdom theme park in Orlando Florida.  I feel these days as if my life is a lot like the branches of this tree. Stretching out and being pulled in many different directions all at once. There simply are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. I know there are many of you who can relate to this. And... OH YEAH it just keeps getting better! THIS  JUST  IN.....NASA says that the Earthquake in Chile has moved the planet on its axis and Yippie!  Now our days have gotten even shorter! Just what I need!
I always swore that  I  was not gonna be one of those "Soccer Moms" whose kids were extremely over scheduled. Kids should have time to just BE kids. Well...I should have known better than to look down my hoity toity nose at those other moms...cause here I am...in their shoes!  My two oldest(1 & 3rd graders) are on soccer teams with practices two days a week (6:30-7:30pm) on school nights. And of course the practices couldn't happen to be on the same nights! OH  NOooo! So we are left driving 4 nights a week to and from practices. And to top it all off, my 3rd grader is taking part in a school play with practices after school 1 day a week, and  has two additional  musical auditions/performances for which they practice two days after school.
My first grader takes piano lessons 1 day a week. And then there's the HOMEWORK! Oh and let's not forget the third child. No classes or practices....but it's still early. This one's a toddler. But a toddler who STILL doesn't seem to know how to sleep through the night.And what a glutton for punishment I must be....I started taking a "Boot Camp" exercise class 2 mornings a week. IT IS KICKING MY BUTT!  But atleast my bottom should be firmer soon. LOL   
Put it all together with the fact that I am 43(which=OLD) and now you see why my blogging has diminished significantly in recent months. I have considered calling it quits because I can't seem to find the time to write and although I have 60 followers(yay), the loyal number is quite a bit smaller. But for now I will try to stick it out in hopes that my schedule and/ or my kids schedules will ease just enough to allow for some creative release.
There is an occasion for everything,
and a time for every activity under Heaven:
ECCLESIASTES  3: 1             


  1. Know how you feel. Summer will be here soon! Then you won't have to worry about scholl at least! Best wishes to ya!

  2. Hey hang in there, nothing like children to keep you stressed and looking younger..... AND if
    it helps the butt get firmer... hey go for it.


  3. I like your blog, very informative and scriptures..God bless!

  4. nice post...great info...

  5. Glad to see you are back at the keyboard....
    Being a Mum, especially of younger children is a demanding profession...yes, I say profession because it's more than a job and needs to be recognised as such. But with its many demands also comes a sense of frustration which sometimes overpowers us and we lose the sense of who WE are. So please keep blogging...let it all hang out....tell the good and the bad...and whatever you do , keep your sense of humour !

  6. Hi Mom

    your scripture is just perfect for your tale of woe today...there will come a time when you can relax and do things for yourself, until then keep firming up the butt and enjoy the kids when they are small...

    Happy days