Monday, January 4, 2010

Never Never Land

Well....I am finally back from  Never-Never Land. You see, where I spent my Christmas Holidays.
We drove to our favorite spot in the mountains of North Carolina for Christmas and there was a foot of snow on the ground. We don't really get snow where we this was very exciting for us! My kids had a blast, of course. I mean...this is what people dream of at Christmastime isn't it?  A white Christmas?
Well....we got it, alright! It was AWESOME!!! The kids made 6 snowmen. Just because they could.

Then the third or fourth day we were there. It rained. Freezing rain. I was disappointed for the kids because I figured this would melt all of the snow away and ruin their hard work on the snowmen. But instead we were surprised to find everything still where it had been ,only now it sparkled and glistened. It was breathtakingly beautiful!! The cabin we stay in when we are there has a wonderful, flowing creek with hundreds of  cascading waterfalls. The outter edges of the creek were covered with snow, of course and after the freezing rain there were beautiful icicles everywhere too.  But the most fun part of our holiday was when the kids discovered they could use a knee-board for a sled to slide down the hills nearby. Before the freezing rain where our feet had sunk into the deep snow with every it was hard, solid & slick! It was like a luge!
The kids took turns sliding down the hill on the board with my husband and I grabbing them at the bottom each time as they can flying by, because the bottom of the hill happened to drop off into a road. This of course just made it all the more exhilarating! And case you are wondering....the adults tried it too!
At least that was until I smacked into a tree with my ribcage and decided to call it quits BEFORE having to see the inside of the local ER      .Oh YEAH....You Bet! I was sore the next day. But I survived!
For Christmas I had printed out the months worth of blogging I had done in my husbands honor and made a book which even included the comments from all of my faithful fans. I think I lost some of my  blogs following by having done such a long....sappy....bunch of posts. But ...I don't care! It was worth it. My husband enjoyed reading it. And I enjoyed writing it. For those followers who have stuck with me...I thank you!

      I have asked one thing from the Lord;
   it is what I desire: to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life,
   gazing on the beauty of the Lord and seeking Him in His temple.
                 PSALM   27: 4


  1. What a beautiful place to celebrate Christmas. I love snow!

    Blessings, andrea

  2. wow, beautiful way to spend the season...
    sledding sounds fun....

    Happy New Year to you, may 2010 be good to you and your family.


  3. We live in Tennessee, So I know what it is like to have snow like that sometimes, I know you must have had a wonderful fun filled time there!! Many many memories for sure!! Times they will never forget! :) Lisa

  4. That's wonderful! What a magical place.
    Every adult can become a child like this :D

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    Thank you so much.
    You're linked in my new adress.

  5. That looks so beautiful!

    I was wondering what happened to you, I came over to find out.

    Glad you had a nice holiday!