Wednesday, December 9, 2009

30 Days Of Christmas In Love (Continued)

Readers: This is the continuation of a 30 Day series on "the reasons I love my husband". I am not gushing about him for the sole purpose of making anyone jealous, but more as a sort of self-imposed penance to balance out all of times when I have felt the need to vent about him in my blog. For those of you who are should know....this is not as easy as it might seem! But I am finding it more fun to write than the complaints.

For Days 1-13 see previous posts "30 Days"

Day 14

He Drives The Carpool.

Now this is actually almost comical. We have 7 children in our carpool....yes I said...7.
Two of them are our own children. But when they are all present there is a Kindergartner, a First grader, a second grader, 3 third graders and a seventh grader. You can imagine the noise!!!
Luckily we take turns driving the route to the school and back...a 20 minute drive each way....with three other families. So it works out to only 1 day per week, sometimes two.
And ever since our third child was born last year, my Super-Dad husband has taken over this role of driving the carpool when it is our turn. If you knew my husband and the fact that he is just a tad-bit impatient and HATES to wait in lines of any would see how this is both comical & amazing!


I waited patiently for the Lord,
and He turned to me and heard my cry for help.
PSALM 40 : 1


  1. Could we maybe clone your hubby??? Where can I find one like this??? LOL!

  2. Yes..i'd like one to go too PLEASE.... lol