Wednesday, November 18, 2009


What on Earth is all this hubbub about Twilight? I went for a power walk with a girl friend yesterday and she was telling me about how she had noticed all of these soccer moms reading
this book. O.K...... they were actually baseball moms but you get the idea. I told her that I had seen some preview for a movie coming out soon about werewolves or vampires or some silly thing like that. And she informed me that it is actually a sequel and that I should rent the first movie and MUST SEE this new release when it comes out. I said "Okeedokie". End of subject. I had no intention of course of renting the movie and could take or leave the sequel. But then I turned on the radio this morning and the topic of conversation on the local morning talk show.....Twilight (the book series). They had a male listener on who was telling how his wife had read the series and was nagging him to do so. And he had laughed inwardly, knowing that he wasn't gonna be caught dead reading some chick-flick worthy book. Then he was at work recently on a construction job site, and was surprised to see all of these big burly, MANLY men reading and talking about....Twilight. He said they were actually taking turns on their lunch break reading the book aloud to each other! What a sight that must have been!
Well.....I return home from dropping the kids at school and the t.v. is on with a morning show and ...YES guessed it...they were talking about Twilight ! I have never been one to crumble under peer pressure but I don't wish to be one of these stodgy people who turns their nose up to anything they are unfamiliar with either. My dilemma though is... do I rent the first movie and make my friend happy or do I buy the book and read the series first? You know what they always say about the book being 100 times better than the movie. Any Opinions?

Listen! I am telling you a mystery:
We will not all fall asleep, but we will all be changed,
in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet.


  1. I watched the first movie on D.V.D. but then I became so addicted that a friend bought me the whole four book set as a birthday present! Now I'm waiting to watch the second movie! I usually prefer to read the books as they go into more detail, and there was so much more that they could have put into the movie that they missed out!

  2. My daughter in law read the entire series. I have not read them or seen the movie. There are those who love it and those who hate it.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Blessings, andrea

  3. My opinion? I'd prefer to have all the money the TWILIGHT author has made writing this stuff rather than read any of the books or watch any of the movies. Besides, there are too many great books I haven't read yet, or movies I haven't seen yet to spend time on these. But I'll never say never.
    By the way I know you enjoy art. Hope you saw my post today.

  4. Really... here it's very much a teenage craze..
    Really guys too.. why ? - it's about young vampires .I wouldn't mind if Huge Jackman was in it.. Van Helsing.... Sorry I can't get into it.. My daughter is nuts about it.. New Moon .. New Moon... New Moon is coming... !!!Maybe when I have nothing to read, I'll borrow from her.

  5. Because your writings are amazing, you get this award again.
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  6. OK I am an adult and I love the books and the movie. Were they my favorite...No. But I enjoyed them. I saw the movie first. I wanted to see waht all teh "HubBub" was about. I bought the first book the next day and read it in a week. It is an easy fun read is all. And come on..Rob Pattinson! LOL! Check it out. It may surprise you!

  7. It's certainly taking on here in Australia....The press is full of it....New Moon has daughter has seen it....loved it (but she was an Anne Rice fan from way back)and today there is a big article in the weekend newspaper about the Twilight phenomena.( I used the picture in my blog)Then a few hours ago there was a discussion group on the radio. All too much for me....I went for a Nana nap !

  8. I didn't care to watch yet, mostly because I don't feel that just for teenagers or everyone can watch Twilight? :D

    Have an awsome weekend!
    I'm always saving animal pictures, I don't even have a best place to find, luckly they are everywhere and it's so great to look at them.