Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Everything Is Comin' Up Roses

Well today I begin my second attempt to join the world of blogging. I have had a blog page for several months now. It held some of my most creative attempts at writing as well as the release of maybe just a bit of my pent up frustrations over various occurrences in my life. However as my bad luck would have it...I somehow managed to accidentally delete the entire blog!! My husband finds this quite amusing of course. Anytime I am using the computer for anything and one of the children starts whining for my attention, he always says sarcastically "Sorry honey, mommy can't help you now ....She's bloggin' ." I am so disappointed too , because my last post on the old site was about a story which I read recently in a book titled "When God Winks At You" by the author Squire Rushnell. It is a book containing various stories about the power of coincidence in each of our lives. These coincidences are referred to as godwinks . The story that I was reading was called "A Mutt Named Moe". Which in itself was a godwink to me because our new puppy(just 11 months old) had just been killed by a car. And although we had called him Snickers, when we first got him.... his name was Moe . My recent blogs on the old site had recounted how distraught I had been over Snickers death. And how I fealt silly for "grieving" over the loss of a dog. But when I read this story...and from a book which had sat for years on a shelf.... it contained a note from the author which addressed the fact that it is OK to mourn such a loss. I fealt as if it was not the author saying this but...God speaking directly to me! It was amazing!!! As for the loss of all of the material I had posted in my old blog...I am trying to look on the bright side ....I didn't really have any followers yet anyways. Maybe my new material will catch some interest.

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  1. I'm sooooo sorry about your losing your blog! That is so frustrating. I've accidentally deleted emails and my last blog post. It's so discouraging I usually can't even rewrite it then, I have to wait a few days. I can't imagine how you felt. But it is a chance to start fresh, and that's invigorating.
    I'm also sorry about Snickers. I've had pets all my life, and I know how hard it is when they die. God understands, you know. I think when we mourn the passing of our pets, it demonstrates our love for God's creation in a very special way. And don't try to convince me that our pets won't be in heaven! :-)
    Keep writing and I will follow. Spend time at the coffee shop. (I know, what time?), and your following will grow. Keep blogging.